Saturday, March 17, 2012

Texana Designs Mini Catalog

Ever wonder how to remember which of the cool Texana Designs Stamps that you already own? How about taking the catalog and creating a mini catalog that you can notate and drop in your purse for easy reference when shopping. Below are instructions for making this great tag-along.

Download and print 2 pg catalog
            16 on a page
Print cover or make your own 2 ¾” x 4 ½”
18” of ¼” ribbon


Paper Trimmer
Scotch Tape
Dry Adhesive


2) Cut ¼” off all four sides of 8 ½” x 11” page 1

3) Now cut the top row, horizontally between the lines creating a strip of 4 mini pages.

4) First fold the strip in half with the printed sides facing each other (2 5/8” x 4”).  Then fold back the first page and the last page to the center fold line (2 5/8” x 2”).  You have the first signature or sectionA signature is a sheet of paper printed with four or more pages and folded one or more times to the approximate size of one page and in a manner which puts the pages in proper numbered order.

5) Now cut your second strip and fold it as you did above. 

When you have both folded, attach the sequential pages with tape on the back side.  This taped splice will be at the inside bound portion of your mini catalog.  Refold your first two signatures and begin the third signature.  You will repeat this until you have connected all eight strips (or signatures).  The first two pages will be blank and the last three pages will be blank.  The cover will be adhered to the outside pages.

6) To keep your mini catalog together, you will put adhesive between the insides of each folded page at the spine edge. 

 This will keep your pages from falling out in an accordion fashion.

7) Secure 18” of ribbon around the middle of your mini catalog with tape or adhesive, but don’t pull it too tight.

8)  Now put adhesive on the top most page of your mini catalog and attach it to the title cover of your cardstock leaving about 1/16” from the top, bottom and edge..  The title cover is cut 2 ¾” x 4 ½”, just slightly larger than the inside pages and long enough to wrap around from the front to the back. 

 I like to leave the spine rounded, but you could score it if you wanted (approx 2 1/8” from front edge and 2 3/8”.)  Put adhesive on the back page of the last signature and line it up on the back portion of the cover.

Decorate the back of your book using one of several "Made by" stamps from Texana Desings.

9)  Next comes the fun!  Mark the catalog with Texana stamps that you  have at home.  Carry the mini catalog with you when you go shopping and  you’ll never end up with duplicates again.  The pages correspond to the large catalog online or the one your local scrapbook store has.  If your lss doesn’t have the stamps you want, ask them to order it for you or visit the Texana Etsy site.

I store my Texana cling mounted stamps on the full size catalog printed on transparencies, then backed with a colored paper so that I can easily see what stamps I don't have (or haven't yet put back).

Hope you enjoyed this fun mini book.