Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tea Bag Folding Baby Cards

Yes, I know I'm a little card crazy but these are so dang fun! Every sheet of paper I look at I wonder what kind of card I could make from it. It also frustrates me that there is such a limited supply of non-gender papers out there for babies. That makes it really hard for me to have a stash on hand for the unknowns. I hope you like these.

This set of cards is designed from the same fold, but with completely different looks as to how you put the pieces together. I alternated yellow ducks and yellow gingham squares then mounted them on yellow dotted paper. I used the Texana Designs "Congratulations" stamp for the sentiment.
This design is teabag folding using a kite fold. Again I tried to stay with the peach and greens so that it could be used for a baby boy or baby girl. I found printed scrapbook paper that had teddy bears in quilted squares. I used those as my top layer of the medallion and a coordinating scrapbook paper for the back layer. A matching brad and mounted on a coordinating mat was perfect. I can't decide if I like the monochromatic peach card or the contrasting green and yellow card. One has the Texana Stamp embossed in white on it, the other uses the Class A Peel sticker sentiment. Both are lovely.

This medallion uses still a different tea bag fold. I love this fold because it is so versatile. This sample has both arms folded down, but you can fold only one arm down or don't fold either down. They are put together the same way, but each look different. I ran out of time so I didn't make samples of each of those. The patterned paper has baby umbrellas on a pastel yellow. And again used the Congratulations stamp from Texana designs to finish the card. This kit is available in pink, blue or green.

I made instructions and kits for each of the designs above for a craft show this past weekend. I have some left. If you are interested in purchasing a kit for the card, please let me know.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Texas Shaped Iris Folded Cards

With a little help from Jimmye Sue at Texana Designs, we developed a card kit with a Iris Folded Texas shape. We used the wonderful stamps from Texana Designs, "Stamps with a Texas Flair". We made some that are blank for you to personalize. We made some that wish you a "Merry Texmas". I hope you like them. I just love the way that the paper changes the looks completely. I created card kits so that anyone can do it!

I was even more thrilled that my mom sat down and helped me make her Christmas cards. She's always been crafty, but left the paper crafts to me until this year. Way to go mom! See all nine below. She suspects she will have difficulty deciding who gets what.