Monday, December 8, 2008

Texas Shaped Iris Folded Cards

With a little help from Jimmye Sue at Texana Designs, we developed a card kit with a Iris Folded Texas shape. We used the wonderful stamps from Texana Designs, "Stamps with a Texas Flair". We made some that are blank for you to personalize. We made some that wish you a "Merry Texmas". I hope you like them. I just love the way that the paper changes the looks completely. I created card kits so that anyone can do it!

I was even more thrilled that my mom sat down and helped me make her Christmas cards. She's always been crafty, but left the paper crafts to me until this year. Way to go mom! See all nine below. She suspects she will have difficulty deciding who gets what.


Pam said...

These are really pretty! Hope I am on the "A" list!

Day Scriber said...

I just love these cards. Maggie and I are having a play day today and this card is on my list to make. Thanks Janet for creating the template and using our stamps!