Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mothers and Daughters

Last weekend I finished an 8x8 layout for a circle journal that I'm participating in. The theme of the book was "On Being A Girl". I didn't only want to honor my daughter but also our maternal line. I was able to compile five generations of mothers and daughters into one photo. I played with photoshop and added all sorts of fun elements to the photo. It took lots of time, but turned out much better than the composite photo I did of my dad and five generations of men. That one was my first attempt and I didn't add any photoshop embellishments to it. I may have to go back and redo that photo when I have time. The color choices for this layout were a stretch for me. The album owner wanted greens, pinks and purples so I went the extra mile and tinted the photo when I had it printed at Costco. I hope she likes it when the circle journal finally gets home again.


Pam said...

I saw this irl and it is beautiful! You are the heritage queen!!

Marie said...

You always do such interesting things with your family photos! This is another great layout!