Saturday, February 18, 2012


Last weekend I had the honor of taking a couple of brayering classes from the Master Brayer herself, Michelle Z. The classes were fabulous and she made it look so easy! I promptly displayed my six sample cards in my office and what a wonderful distraction! Finally, I got my nerve up to try it on my own today. Evidenced in the two pictures above I can tell it's gonna take lots of practice. Also the designing is very challenging because the technique is so very different than my "comfort zone".

Things I learned today...

1) Smooth papers are not all the same!
2) Not all inks are the same... still trying to determine which inks I have that will give me the desired effects.
3) Fingerprints show up... I need to be more careful!!!

But with great samples for inspiration and practice I'm sure to get the hang of it! Any comments or recommendations freely accepted. I feel like such a novice!

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Connie Mercer said...

loved your class today~Iris folding looks so hard but I think I'm gonna love it!!! Thank you for a great make n' take~enjoyed so much~hope you come back to Gonzales!!!