Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Me & my Brother SnC

My newest craft tool is the Brother Scan n Cut.  I ordered the CM100DM from Amazon. You can check out the full scoop and Brother videos here.  It was delivered two weeks ago and I have been having a ball learning how it works and putting it through the paces.  I will try to post several entries here to share and to use as my references.  Use the search box and look for all entries with the tag SnC. 

Verbiage from directly from Brother:

The secret to ScanNCut’s amazing versatility lies in the 300 DPI built-in scanner, making ScanNCut the only cutting machine that can take your scanned images, photos or hand drawn sketches, and turn them into unique cutting designs, without the need or expense of a computer, software, or pricey cartridges.  Brother  Scan N Cut Website

ScanNCutCanvas is a cloud-based web application that combines the versatility of your favorite design software and the awesome cutting power of your Brother™ ScanNCut, giving you the ability to easily convert .SVG files to .FCM, Image Tracing and Processing Overlapping Patterns.

Greatly expand your craftwork by importing projects that you have created or edited with ScanNCut Canvas into your ScanNCut cutting machine, via the ScanNCut memory stick port.  Visit Scan N Cut Canvas

Most of what I've learned about the machine is from viewing videos online.  Simply start with a google search here.

Comparisons of the two different models is here.

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