Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ribbon + Fork = Perfect Bow

Pam shared this trick with me some time back. I didn't believe it could be so easy to tie a bow until I finally tried it. She found it online somewhere one time, but neither of us could find it again. I like to give credit to scraplifting when I can, but if not, let me just say "this is not my original idea". The fork, ribbon and pictures are mine.

I've tied lots of bows, but not many as uniformly as I can with this technique. The fork makes a small bow, but I've modified the technique using a wide tooth comb or anything with equal space tongs. Folks may laugh when they see a fork and a comb in my scrapping tool kit, but once they try this... they stop laughing.

Have fun!

Thanks Pam for posting this YouTube demo


Pam said...

Of course Janet is the forking bow queen!! It really does work!

One Big Happy said...

Love, love, love this technique!!!