Monday, June 15, 2009

Five Sizes, Three Fold Variations

So many times I forget what size tile makes each medallion. Finally I decided to make a note to self and I thought I would share it with you here.

1” square tile = 1 ½” medallion
1 ¼” square tile = 2” medallion
1 ½” square tile = 2 ¼” medallion
1 ¾” square tile = 2 ½” medallion
2” square tile = 3” medallion

I have found so many great sites in the internet for tea bag folding and free tiles. For this example, I printed the same black & white tile on five different colored papers and in all five sizes available. This tile is available on Rosemarie's Tea-Bag Folding Website.

Below are my photo notes as to size tile and medallion. I used three different variations of the same fold. I love the different looks with how the medallions are assembled. Thanks for looking.


Marie said...

What a neat "note to self" You do the best tea bag folded cards of anyone I know!

Pam said...

Great note to self! Start writing that book!