Sunday, June 14, 2009

Share the Joy

Have you ever been so proud of a card that you've made or one that your've received that you want to share the joy? Why not make your next card to be recycled?

On the inside of this card, I added a mat that was cut just smaller than the actual card. I used my Corner Adorner punch from EK Success and then added a white mat. (Here you see my insert as the message, but in the actual card I sent this would be loose inside the card.) I would stamp and sign the white mat and slide it int the corners. I would include the "recycle instructions" in the card and give it to the first receipent. I envision the first reciever to enjoy the card a while, then take out the greeting, cut a new insert the same size, add a new greeting and then forward the card to the second receipent. This could go on as long as the card could withstand the joy of giving.

I think it makes for a great idea, but I have not tried it in reality yet. I will do so soon and we'll see how well it works. I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts. Please post a comment AND if you will e-mail your mailing address to me by July 12th, I will put your name in for a drawing on July 13th and you will receive one of my recycle cards.


Pam said...

Well thats a neat idea!!

Marie said...

Great card! So when should I expect mine?? LOL