Friday, September 27, 2013

Dylusions Chrismas Cards - Part 1

My Inspiration from Dyan Reaveley
Did I tell you how much I am enjoying the Dylusions Sprays, Stamps & Stencils???  If not, just take a peak.  Dyan Reaveley is quite a delight.  Check out Dyan's Demo here.  She's said that any of her art work is okay to be copied and I took her word on that.  I wanted to play with making Christmas Cards this year using her stamps, so I studied the master herself.  Above are samples that I found on her website.  I've copied all of those and a couple others I found on line and now I think I'm ready to start out on my own designs.  I'm gonna post some each day until I get to take a new class with Dyan on 10/2/13 at Stamp Antonio with my best friend Jeanie.  I can't wait.

Okay... who sees the wings?  Yep wings for trees!  Gotta love the way that lady thinks!

The backgrounds are sprayed with two or three colors and allowed to blend.  Then the layers start going in.  Check out the stencil trees in the top left corner, then notice the reverse image in the bottom right corner.  How cool is that!

On the "Dear Santa" sample two different wings from two different stamp sets were used.  I also used a black paint dabber through the tree stencil.  The bells at the top are simply traced through another stencil.

Check back tomorrow for some other samples and tips.

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