Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ceramic Pelican Magnets

Ceramic magnets made at Ceramic Lodge in Round Rock using Texana Designs stamps

Let me begin by thanking my beautiful daughter, Jillian, for all of her help.  She has loved ceramics since elementary school.  She has worked the past four years in a local ceramic store and never ceases to amaze me with her talent and skill.

Below is how I remember the details of my creations.  I think I got all of the product names and techniques correct.  If not, I'll update my post.

1) First step was to roll out Armadillo White Clay 1/4" thick
2) Then firmly stamp image into the clay - this takes lots of practice to get it just right, not too light, not to deep, etc.  I need more practice, but this was my first attempt to step outside of my comfort zone and try something different.
3) Trim around the image - for this sample the cut was freehand outlining the stamp of the stamp.  Other samples I used a tool like a cookie cutter to cut shapes.
4) The clay must dry for about a week before the first firing in the kiln.

Ceramic Lodge fired the clay and I returned to paint the bisque.

The gray image was painted with Mayco glazes.

1) First I applied gray paint and then wiped most of it off leaving the deepest part of the pelican filled with gray paint.

2) Then using the writer pens filled with the same underglaze, I carefully tried to paint the beak, feet, water and sand.

3) When satisfied, it was left to be dipped in a clear coat and fired a second time.

4) Wait another week and then see the results... Lots of room for improvement, but satisfied with my first attempt.

Then I had two more pelican shapes to decide what to do with so I tried something different.

The sample on the left with the light blue sky was painted with distress paints - broken china, salty ocean, vintage photo, the beak and feet were mixed spiced marmalade and mustard seed.  The detail and outlines were a mix of black soot and picket fence.  Because the distress paint is reactive with water when applied, I was able to apply and blend the paints with a small paint brush until satisfied. 

The sample on the right with the dark blue sky was painted with watered down Viva Deco Inka Gold and a paint brush.  I added some details and shading of distress paint and a paint brush. 

The last two samples will not be fired again.  They are finished as bisque.  A heavy magnet is glued to the back and they are ready to display!.  I sure hope I don't have to pick a favorite because I like them all.  I'm not sure that I have the same passion for ceramics that my lovely daughter does, but it was great fun trying something new.  Jillian and the staff at Ceramic Lodge are extremely helpful and patient.  If you are a stamper and want to try something different just swing by the store.  The store is located at Chisholm Trail directly across from the post office just south of Sam Bass or visit them on facebook .  If you are a ceramic enthusiast and want to try Texas styled stamps in your works of art visit check out Texana Designs or check out their facebook pages.

I'll be posting other samples of my ceramic creations shortly - Janet

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